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We are technology experts. Our expertize in Big Data and Cloud Computing help customers to stay ahead in the race, to create value irrespective of industrial nature, in changing and challenging dynamics and market pressure.

We add value by combining our technology expertise along with services to Design, Plan and Deploy sophisticated cloud, virtualization and big data, application solutions to meet the technical and business needs of our customers

Our specialists speak the language of Cloud,Big data, Deep learning,Machine learning, Image processing, Robotics,Drones, Biotechnology, Cyber Security, Games and Application design. We hold the hand of our customers and make technology adoption a cakewalk.

Cloud Informatics has in house experts who could help customers build world class games using high end graphic engines like Unity and Unreal and get their customers immersed in Augmented and Virtual reality experience and develop applications on multiple platforms


We ensure that partners have the necessary technical tools and support needed to be successful and accelerate their business value and rapid growth